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We use two ways to price jobs: Fixed (Contract) or Time and Material (Hourly plus parts):

1. Time and Material (Hourly plus parts):

  • Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm: $132.00 for the first hour. $33.00 per 15 minutes thereafter. Minimum Charge for labor performed: $132.00 (1 hour). This is the starting rate. Other rates and charges may apply. See below, please.

  • Drain Cleaning: $185.00/first hour. $33.00 per 15 minutes thereafter. Minimum Charge for labor performed: $185.00 (1 hour). Includes equipment and any hazardous conditions charges.

  • Overtime/Extreme/Hazardous Conditions: $198.00/hour. $49.50 per 15 minutes thereafter. Minimum Charge for labor performed: $198.00 (1 hour).

    Some examples of this rate are after hours, bad weather, crawling under house, climbing ladder to get to work, excessive raw sewage. The plumber will give you this price at the job, if it wasn't discussed on the telephone.

  • Parts, equipment, and tax are extra.

  • Additional workers extra (also charged to the closest 15 minutes).

  • Hourly Rates for work performed: There's a minimum charge of one (1) hour on all jobs regardless of the pay scale. All rates exclude the cost of materials and are subject to tax.

2. Fixed Price (Contract): Our plumber will give a quote before work commences. The contract price includes parts, labor, service and estimate charge, and tax.

All quotes have to be on-site; no phone quotes.

Other Charges/Information

Invoice: An invoice will always be produced clearly showing a full description of work carried out: labor hours, equipment charges, materials, tax. The exception is for contract jobs where the invoice will state the work completed and the prices.

Materials: Materials supplied by Ball Plumbing will be charged at our cost plus mark up.

Material Collection: Material collection labor cost for non-stock items will be kept to a minimum - any charge will be agreed with the customer in advance and not exceed $100.00 + tax.

Payment: Payment must be made in full by check, cash or credit card to the plumber upon receipt of invoice.

* Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice and changes may not be immediately reflected on this website. This website is for general information.

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